Associate in Pre Nursing (DTA/MRP)

Direct Transfer Agreement (DTA)/Major Related Program (MRP)

(90 credits)

Program Description

Make a genuine difference in the lives of others. Become a caregiver and advocate for those who need you the most. A career in Nursing is as in-demand as it is rewarding, with extensive benefits in job security, flexibility, and portability. Whether you are looking to get to work quickly through Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) training or want to become a Registered Nurse, SPSCC’s extensive program options will prepare you to work in one of the world’s most necessary fields.

Based on a state-wide transfer agreement, this pathway is applicable to students planning to prepare for upper division Bachelor of Science in Nursing and enter as a junior at most baccalaureate institutions in the State of Washington. The courses outlined are considered course equivalents to the similarly required lower-division courses offered at the receiving baccalaureate institution.

Career Opportunities

  • Registered Nurse

  • Acute Care Nurse

  • Critical Care Nurse

Special Program Note

This degree transfers to four-year colleges and universities in Washington State, but it may not meet all university requirements; students need to work closely with their Educational & Career Planner.

University of Washington requires 100 hours of healthcare experience.