Associate in Music (DTA/MRP)

(105 credits)

Program Description

Music is a uniquely enriching discipline that connects communities and cultures around the world. At SPSCC, you can study music for the first time through appreciation and fundamentals classes, take performance ensemble training with private instruction in voice or instrument lessons, or prepare to transfer for a music major at a 4-year university. You’ll learn in a smaller and more focused environment than most universities provide, and at a much lower cost.

Students who successfully complete the Associate in Music – Direct Transfer degree will be prepared to audition and transfer into a university music program as a junior.

The Associate in Music is designed for persons interested in transferring to a four-year college or university music program. Students who successfully complete degree requirements and elective courses recommended for music will be able to transfer to most four-year degree programs with junior standing. Important: Completion of the Associate in Music does not guarantee admission into a four-year degree program, only that the credits will transfer if and when one is admitted into the music program at a participating institution. It is imperative that students make early contact with their potential transfer institutions about specific requirements for overall GPA, possible higher GPA requirements in a selected subset of courses, audition requirements, theory/ear training diagnostic exams, and piano proficiency exams.

Career Opportunities

  • Music Director and Composer

  • Music Teacher

  • Audio and Video Technician

Our Music Programs

Symphony Orchestra:

SPSCC Symphony Orchestra is comprised of students and community members. Standard symphonic orchestral literature is studied and rehearsed. Performances are scheduled near the end of each academic quarter. Orchestra members are expected to be good music sight readers and to possess at least high school playing ability. Participation requires an interview with the director and may also require an informal audition.  
Contact: Cameron May, Orchestra Director 

Choral Ensembles:

SPSCC Percival Choir is the large, community-based choral ensemble at SPSCC, open to everyone at the college and in the broader community. No experience is necessary and there is no formal audition. Concerts are held near the end of each term, and the group performs a diverse range of music including major choral-orchestral repertoire, modern octavos, jazz standards, and music from around the world.  
SPSCC Chamber Singers is the smaller, select vocal ensemble at SPSCC, also open to all students at the college and in the community. No formal audition is required, but previous choral experience is recommended. Much of the repertoire is a cappella and ranges from 16th-century madrigals to 21st-century popular music. Movement is sometimes added to the performance, and each singer must be able to work well independently and as a member of the ensemble. The group performs in concert near the end of each term at the Kenneth J. Minnaert Center for the Arts and at other invited events both on and off campus.    
Contact: John Guarente, Choir Director 

Jazz Band:

Comprised of SPSCC and The Evergreen State College students and community members. The SPSCC Jazz Band rehearses and performs big band and small ensemble arrangements of jazz standards, bebop, Latin jazz, and funk. Performances are held at the end of each quarter, both on and off campus. Members should be proficient on their instruments, to be able to read music, and to attend all class sessions and concerts.   
Contact: Brad Schrandt, Jazz Band Director