Computer Science (BS)

Program Description

Developed in partnership with Grays Harbor College, South Puget Sound Community College’s proposed Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Computer Science is designed to serve both employers and students from within the Pacific Mountain Workforce Development Region of Washington. The two colleges hope to open new doors to technology sector employment and stimulate new economic development across their service districts. Spanning northern Lewis, Thurston, southern Mason, Pacific, and Grays Harbor Counties, this economically diverse region includes the state capital, other mid-size cities, and rural areas. To meet the needs of those economies, the Bachelor of Science degree is designed to serve state and local government agencies, healthcare providers, information-computer-security service contractors, nongovernmental organizations, and small and medium-size employers such as architecture, environmental science, and engineering firms. For place-bound students, the degree will provide local access to a broad spectrum of high demand, high-wage job and career opportunities in the field of computer science and information technology. For students who choose to work elsewhere, the program will provide a lower cost/hybrid option to prepare for a high-tech career anywhere.

Career Opportunities

According to the Washington Employment Security Department, for the period of 2019 through 2024, graduates of a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science will find over 1,900 annual computer science and information technology job openings in the Pacific Mountain Workforce Development (PacMtn) region. These jobs will provide annual wages of $43,653/year to as much as $131,819/year as System Administrators, Software Developers, Database Managers, and/or Security Analysts.