CPA Requirement Certificate

CPA Requirement Certificate1
(85 credits)


The Washington State Board of Accountancy is responsible for final transcript approval prior to granting acceptance to take the Certified Public Accountant exam.

Program Description

Accounting is the basic language of business, and a career that opens a wide variety of doors in the business world. Accounting students study the rules and software at play in the world of business, using effective communication skills to break down complex issues for their clients and managers so that they can make good business decisions. 

The increased globalization of businesses makes the varied skillset of an Accounting professional in high demand across a wide variety of industries and settings.

The CPA Requirement Certificate is designed for students who have already earned a bachelor’s degree and desire to meet the specific accounting and business education requirements stipulated by the Washington State Board of Accountancy. These requirements must be met in order to become eligible to take the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam.

Career Opportunities

Accounting as a discipline has broad employment possibilities in both public practice, private industry, non-profit organizations, and government. Graduates that continue on to pass the CPA exam and meet the experience requirements will be issued a CPA license by the Washington State Board of Accountancy. This designation qualifies the holder for more senior positions in public accounting firms, controllerships in private and non-profit organizations, and senior positions in the finance departments of local, state, and federal agencies.

Other Options:

  • Financial Examiner
  • Budget Analysts
  • Credit Analysts