Office Technology and Administration (OFTEC)

OFTEC 100 Introduction to Computer Concepts & Applications 5 Credits
Introduces basic computer concepts for a new computer user. Students receive computer instruction on word processing, spreadsheet, database, and presentation graphics software.
Prerequisite: None.
OFTEC 108 Introduction to Microsoft Office 3 Credits
Introduces the software components of Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access.
Prerequisite: None.
OFTEC 111 Keyboarding (Typing) I 2 Credits
Introduces the alphabetic, numeric, and symbol keys by touch. Focuses on wellness and ergonomic issues while developing keyboarding skills up to 35 wpm. Students can test out of this class by demonstrating proficiency on a placement test.
Prerequisite: None.
OFTEC 113 Keyboarding (Typing) II 2 Credits
Continues skill building based on customized drills and exercises designed to help students improve keyboarding speed and accuracy. Students can test out of this class by demonstrating proficiency on a placement test.
Prerequisite: Prerequisite: OFTEC 111.
OFTEC 125 Digital Productivity Tools 4 Credits
Introduces web-based tools used for office productivity and workflow management. Includes personal information systems and file sharing.
Prerequisite: None.
OFTEC 136 Microsoft Word I 5 Credits
Prepares students to use the features of Microsoft Word software to create a variety of documents for business or personal use. The ability to type at least 25 words per minute (wpm) is recommended.
Prerequisite: Prerequisite: OFTEC 100 or OFTEC 108.
OFTEC 141 Microsoft Excel 5 Credits
Covers Excel worksheet and workbook concepts and functions. Introduces advanced topics such as database functions and macros.
Prerequisite: Prerequisite: OFTEC 100 or OFTEC 108.
OFTEC 160 Business English 5 Credits
Examines language arts skills applied to proper business writing.
Prerequisite: Prerequisite: Placement in ENGL& 101 or a B- or better in ENGL 095 or a C or better in ENGL 098.
OFTEC 165 Office Procedures 5 Credits
Covers managing day-to-day activities to keep an office running efficiently and effectively. Discusses professional and ethical scenarios. OFTEC 108 recommended prior to enrollment or taken concurrently.
Prerequisite: None.
OFTEC 170 Practical Accounting 5 Credits
Covers the fundamentals of accounting for the office worker who will assist in accounting procedures.
Prerequisite: Prerequisite: MATH 092 or ABE 065
OFTEC 236 Microsoft Word II 5 Credits
Develops skills in advanced word processing features with an emphasis on critical thinking and problem solving as applied to complex word processing projects. Students develop mastery-level competencies in Microsoft Word.
Prerequisite: Prerequisite: OFTEC 136.
OFTEC 255 Records and Information Management 5 Credits
Introduces principles and procedures for managing records according to the Association for Records and Information Management (ARMA), including filing methodology, records management using information systems, retrieval, and control of records. Studies privacy, ethics, and security as they relate to Records and Information Management (RIM).
Prerequisite: Prerequisite: OFTEC 100 or OFTEC 108.
OFTEC 260 Business Communication 5 Credits
Explores the principles of effective communication in business, emphasizing the human relations factor through correspondence, report writing, and an oral presentation.
Prerequisite: Prerequisite: ENGL& 101 or OFTEC 160 with a C or better.
Distribution Requirements: Communications
OFTEC 261 Leadership in the Workplace 5 Credits
Explores the roles, styles, ethics, characteristics, and responsibilities of leadership in the workplace.
Prerequisite: Prerequisite: OFTEC 108 or OFTEC 100 and either ENGL& 101 or OFTEC 160.
OFTEC 263 Fundamentals of Project Management 5 Credits
Introduces students to the project management life cycle: initiation, project management process, documentation, and project close.
Prerequisite: Prerequisite: BUS& 101
OFTEC 265 Integrated Office Projects Capstone 5 Credits
Helps students plan, create and manage a project or business portfolio monitoring it from inception through completion while applying MS Office programs.
Prerequisite: Prerequisite: OFTEC 141, OFTEC 236 or concurrent enrollment with OFTEC 236, and OFTEC 263 or concurrent enrollment with OFTEC 263.