Business Operations Coordinator (Certificate of Completion)

(60-61 credits)

Program Description

Students choose business administration because it provides them with skills across occupations and industries. You’ll learn finance, marketing, and general business principles, and more. Then, in the program’s capstone course, you’ll get to demonstrate your business skills when you run an online business simulation.

Basic background in business with emphasis on skills required to coordinate multiple functions within a small business. Program focuses on recordkeeping skills, communication skills and enhancing interpersonal skills to improve the efficiency of an organization.

Career Opportunities

Graduates may work as part of a team or may be the main support person at an entrepreneurial firm. Much depends on the student’s work experience and prior background. The skills are general in nature but broad enough to be applicable to a wide variety of work settings. Students who are currently employed as the main support person in a small office will benefit from the breadth of training through their introduction to basic managerial skills.

  • Administrative Service Manager
  • Purchasing Manager
  • Sales Manager

Length of Program

Full-time students would typically complete a 58-credit program in four to five quarters, after basic skills and/or pre-college are complete.