Culinary Arts (AAS-T)

Associate in Applied Science – Transfer
(100 credits)

Program Description

Would you like to enter into a career that embraces artistic creativity? Do you like being part of a team? Does entering a field with countless career opportunities worldwide appeal to you? Do you thrive on immediate appreciation gained from excelling at your craft? If your answer to these questions is yes, your personal strengths align with a career in the hospitality industry.

The only current accepted articulation for this AAS-T degree is with South Seattle Community College’s Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Hospitality Management. The Culinary Arts Program at South Puget Sound Community College is designed to provide knowledge and skills in the areas of food production, service and hospitality, and kitchen and dining room supervision. Students’ progress through high volume food service applications in the areas of starch and vegetables, soups and sauces, meat fabrication, cold foods and garde manger, sauté and hot line food production, table service, restaurant baking, and kitchen and dining room supervision. All students in the program will gain marketable skills, regardless of previous experience in the hospitality/food service industry.

Career Opportunities

Graduates will qualify for employment as experienced cooks, lead cooks, or kitchen station supervisors in free-standing restaurants, hotels, resorts, institutional food service, catering kitchens, clubs, and executive dining services. It is intended that this degree, in combination with additional study and experience, be part of a career path that could lead to employment as Sous Chef, Working Chef, or Executive Chef. Obtaining the Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Hospitality Management can lead to expanded career opportunities in food service and hospitality management.

  • Food Service Manager
  • Chef and Head Cook
  • Baker

Program Information

Length of Program

Full-time students typically complete this program in two years for the Associate in Applied Science – T Degree, if basic skills and/or pre-college are complete.

Personal Hygiene Code

A personal hygiene and professional conduct code is in effect in college kitchens as follows: Hair must be neatly maintained, clean, and under control at all times. If a beard is worn, it must be closely trimmed.

Per ACF Standards

No acrylic or finger nail polish may be worn, no dangling earrings, rings are to be restricted to one band type only.

Special Program Notes

  • A Washington State Food Handler’s Permit must be acquired before entry into the program. Individuals without this permit will not be allowed to enter instructional kitchens or work areas.
  • All equipment, clothing, and supplies must be purchased prior to the first day of class.
  • Students can start this program any quarter except Summer Quarter; no CAP classes offered during summer quarter

Required Supplies

All tools must be permanently marked with student ID# or name with an indelible pen or engraver. Engraver is available in Food Service Department. All costs are estimated.

Item Cost
French Chef's Knife 8" OR French Chef's Knife 10" $35 - $150
Stiff Boning Knife 6" $15 - $90
Flexible Fillet Knife 9" $20 - $85
Pairing Knife 3 $7 - $45
Sharpening Steel $25
Digital Immersion Thermometer $15
Vegetable Peeler $5
Professional Tool Bag/Case $50 - $100
Required Clothing
White Double Breasted Chef's Coat (2 each @ $40) $80
Black Double Breasted Chef's Coat $40
Cooks Check Pants (2 each @ $30) $60
Black Bib Aprons (2 each @ $10) $20
Closed Toe Black Leather Shoes $60 - $100
White Socks (2 each @ $5) $10
Hat $13