Engineering and Physics - Track 2 (AS-T)

(90 credits)

Program Description

Engineers are both practical and scientific: they solve problems by using science to design real-world applications. As a student of engineering, you might investigate issues in a variety of fields including aerospace, computers, construction, or biochemistry. Successful graduates work in a variety of places including pharmaceutical industries, power companies, and academic research institutions.

Engineering careers offer interesting – potentially even groundbreaking – problems and projects. You could invent something new, or improve and refine an idea that already exists.

Have you ever wondered how 3D glasses work, why bees use hexagons to build their hives, why some people have difficulty floating in water, or how prairie dogs can build underground tunnels that don’t collapse? Physics provide the backdrop to our everyday lives and actions. By studying Physics at SPSCC, you will learn more about the way the world works through interactive lectures, quality lab exercises, and in-class demonstrations.

The Associate in Science-Transfer is designed for persons interested in transferring to a four-year college or university to study science or engineering. Students who successfully complete degree requirements and elective courses recommended for their specific area of study will transfer to many four-year degree programs with junior standing. Compared to the Associate in Arts Degree, this degree delays some general education distribution credits until the junior or senior year in order to make room in the transfer degree for required freshman and sophomore-level science sequences. AS-T Track 2 focuses on computer science, engineering, physics and atmospheric sciences.

Career Opportunities

  • Manufacturing Engineers

  • Architectural and Engineering Manager

  • Physicist

  • Physics Teacher, Postsecondary

  • Photonics Engineer