Parenting Skills (Certificate of Achievement)

Parenting Education Program
(9 credits)

Program Description

Do you want to increase your skills in parenting and experience a healthier family life? Being a parent is one of life’s most significant and rewarding challenges, but most parents receive little training to handle the task of raising a family. SPSCC is here to help you meet your needs – you will take part in a long-standing, successful program that educates parents and caregivers for their vital role while providing strong early learning experiences for the children in their care.

The Parenting Education Program offers a variety of parenting skills classes, parent-cooperative preschool classes and specialized programs to meet the changing needs of families. Students earning 9 credits in Parenting Education at South Puget Sound Community College who have demonstrated effective skills in parenting through participation at a co-op preschool or parenting education course are eligible for a Parenting Skill certificate. Students earning 21 credits in Parenting Education courses at SPSCC who have demonstrated leadership skills in addition to effective parenting skills through participation in coop preschool parenting education courses are eligible for a Leadership Skill certificate. These courses provide approved training for parents (or parent figures) and enhance individual skills in child development, family relationships, and related topics leading to effective parenting. Participants are involved in observation and classroom experiences that include laboratory sessions. These courses and certificates prepare students to be effective parents for children in their care. Some skills may transfer to the work force. For those students that elect to continue a program of study, some of the completed course credits may also be applied toward certificates or degrees in a related program area.

Career Opportunities

  • Education and Childcare Administrator, Preschool and Daycare
  • Social and Human Service Assistant
  • Preschool Teacher

Program Information

Students enrolling in the PEP cooperative preschools must register online each quarter.

  • Eastside Co-op (360) 754-3938
  • Lacey Parent Co-op (360) 459-5297
  • Steamboat Island Co-op (360) 866-1819
  • Westside Co-op (360) 866-7383