Business Administration (AAS)

(91 credits)

Program Description

Students choose business administration because it provides them with skills across occupations and industries. You’ll learn finance, marketing, and general business principles, and more. Then, in the program’s capstone course, you’ll get to demonstrate your business skills when you run an online business simulation.

The Business Administration degree is designed for persons interested in entry-level administrative positions in many kinds of businesses. Graduates may also start their own business. Completion of a specialized Certificate can lead to increased employment opportunities as a Business Operations Coordinator.

Career Opportunities

Opportunities and potential earnings vary with the geographic area and size of firm as well as past experience of the individual. The opportunities available in establishing one’s own business are limited only by abilities and desires. Jobs in management include planning and organizing operations, directing personnel and implementing control mechanisms to assure the smooth operation of the organization. Marketing jobs might include retail buying, selling and promotion. The skills learned can lead to career opportunities in employment as a Business Operations Coordinator and variety of government, private business, or not-for-profit settings.

  • Administrative Service Manager
  • Purchasing Manager
  • Sales Manager

Certificate Options

The Accounting Clerk Certificate or a Business Operations Coordinator Certificate can be earned concurrently with the Business AAS degree by choosing specific courses from the Business AAS Choice List and Electives. Please see the appropriate Pathway Maps for details.